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Peter Thiel- Man behind the scenes, for some of the most influential and disruptive companies in the world. May it be Paypal, Facebook, Palantir, Space X (Betterknown for ElonMask) and many more to come.

Very logical, honest and detailed writing gives us a sneak peek in the beautiful minds of many successful entrepreneurs including Peter Thiel himself.

Many Striking elements are evident even in the way the book is written; let’s start with the name of the book. Zero to One. What does, Zero to one, really mean?

Many startups think of their accent as a linear or a bell curve. But Peter says something different, if you are not a disruptive company and want to be next Facebook or Google or apple or Microsoft you are just aiming at a market share so you are one of 1 to n Mode. These are regular graph companies, theme too companies ( Which seldom succeed and even if they do succeed they fail in creating value).

The next Bill gates, was not in OS, it was Google a search engine. Next Google was not in search engine it was Facebook a social media. Next Zuckerberg, will not be in social media and so on .So the next big thing will be from zero to no.1 in the field one chose. History does repeat itself but it never copies.

Disruption for Google, FB, MS office, Apple phone, Twitter was all unique but there was a certain pattern to it, certain fundaments were evidently similar, if not same. This book help us understand those patters and traits, we must have as a startup which will make us more probable to succeed.And most importantly, create value. One question he has posed in this book and also he asks his, to be employees, is, and I quote -”What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”

Problem is not in the answer you give, but the same few answers are repeated in different formats by almost all of us, whereas each disruptor has unique answer to this question. Think about it.

If you are passionate to make a successful business model, a must read and very reviving experience of blending business and entrepreneurial spirit.Another important point, of many in this book is, Monopoly. Monopoly for us is misunderstood concept. And for that matter globalization or World is Flat kind of idea.

Only monopoly will survive and disruptive technologies are necessarily monopolies and therefore globalized. Very ,Very important aspect to understand if you aim at disruption.

Somehow the next review of Ronnie Screwvala‘s –Dream with your eyes open! Gives a similar view in a different industry, on monopoly. Suggestion -read this book in the student mode of mindset,it’s seriously important and loaded with essentials for startups and people who want to create value through their enterprise.

Basically my take away is actually –the book itself! I find it as a handbook kind of a book where you can open up any page at any time and just find some idea for your enterprise puzzle you might be stuck on with.

“ This Book delivers completely new and refreshing ideas on how to create value in the world” Mark Zuckerberg, CEO -Facebook