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Most of the time we judge a book by its cover and if not at least by its author but here you can do both.

Ronnie screwvala, a media and television maverick entered in the early years of Indian television. That’s around 1990’s and remained so unnoticed to become the most sought after film producer in recent years. May it be Swades, Rang de basanti, my favourite Khosla ka ghosala and many more path breaking and record breaking cult movies. Every time he did something he disrupted the industry and changed it forever.

May it be bringing Doremon on Hungama channel a 100% desi non Disney content channel or Shanti serial which came in 1993 starring Mandira Bedi which happen to be the first daily soap a 5 day week serial and that to at 2.30 in the afternoon.

Meeting with Rupert Murdock, the world media and TV Mughal, for the first time in his tiny basement office in Mumbai or visiting his London office for a deal without any team of so called experts...

Fascinating! This book is not just about entertainment industry, it is about entrepreneurship and making it happen.

When I compare this book with the US entrepreneur and their work and their book its more about managing, calculating and systematizing and sometimes even manipulating the leverage they created. But Ronnie is hands on very flexible and manoeuvring. Ronnie, Doesn't carry any baggages. He is just out there and winning.

Ronnie Is practical in approach. He says and I quote,” Today, more than ever, you need to see the big picture faster, quicker and better than anybody else in the room. I hear of many aspiring entrepreneurs postponing or prolonging their decision making and growth plans on the pre text of completing their research and homework. The time taken to do this could potentially be an opportunity lost.”

Another quote and this book is filled with these wisdom dose, "When people seek opportunity they tend to focus on one sector .Its human nature to follow success: Often there is money to be made by following the herd .At least, that’s conventional wisdom. But when you are a part of herd, all you see is rear end of the person in front of you. Don’t ignore the extraordinary opportunity in India today for first generation entrepreneurs entering the untapped market "

Lack of fund is never a hurdle but an opportunity to find a better and easier way as well as lack of funds makes your common sense work and not the signature on cheques.

One more fascinating thing you will come across while reading is he is extremely practical and no fuss man. He also has touched many important aspects of the businesses like branding, prioritizing ,team building, office culture ,leadership traits, Ability to make decisions before they become compulsion, Scaling and many more.

Last extract and I will exit, “Life and business is messy. Neither boil down to spreadsheets for foreshadows myriad unexpected and unforeseen twists and turns .People look for perfection that doesn't exist ,neat and tidy way of creating and nurturing businesses that won’t cause them discomfort but will provide astronomical returns. GET REAL.”

“Dream with your eyes open”